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We celebrate President’s Day in the month of February. This is a perfect time to browse our biography section and select a book about your favorite President or choose one of our other biographies about accomplished and interesting people!

Books Made into Movies

Here are some books that have been made into movies. If you like the book, you may want to see the movie – but I bet you like the book better!

Christmas Books

Try to find some quiet time and enjoy a good book during this busy month. Here are some new selections and some old favorites that will brighten your days. ‘Tis the season…..

Best Book Club Books of 2015

The year is coming to a close…Here are some titles that have been very popular with book clubs this year. So, if you want to read what clubs are reading or you need to choose a selection for your club here are some suggestions!

Mystery Anyone?

A puzzle, enigma, conundrum, riddle, secret or problem – all words that can be used instead of mystery! In this case mystery is referring to a novel with a plot that may be unsettling or puzzling until the very end…. Enjoy the cooler temperatures and curl up with a good mystery!

Short Stories

A short story is a brief work of literature, usually written in narrative prose. Here are a variety of short story collections to choose from. Discover how skilled authors can tell amazing stories in a smaller format – many that you can complete in an evening!


Summer is for traveling right? If you are traveling this summer or if you want to stay home and read about it – here are a few books you might enjoy!

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