Featured: Movies

Newly Added Titles

We add movies to our collection on a regular basis; some older ones and many newer ones. Here are some recently added titles.

Fantasy Movies

Escape the winter doldrums for a little while with a fantasy movie!

Holiday Favorites

Do you have a favorite holiday movie that you watch every season? If you are looking for a holiday favorite consider one of the following:


Have you tapped your toes & sung along to a good musical lately? According to Internet Movie Database, Forbes, and the American Film Institute, these musicals are among the top musicals of all time.

Family Friendly Scary Movies

Halloween is close. Enjoy a scary movie with the family.


Sometimes you just want the facts, right? Here are a variety of documentaries that you will enjoy and learn something along the way as well!


If you are planning a trip and need some tips try some of these. If want to enjoy some beautiful scenery you will like these. If you want to live vicariously through some other travelers’ experiences a few of these will fit the bill!

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