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Featured: Kids

Dig into some of our dirt books.

10 Hungry Rabbits

10 Hungry Rabbits

By Anita Lobel

Poor Mama Rabbit doesn’t have anything to feed her hungry brood, so Papa Rabbit sends the little ones out to find the makings for a delicious soup. The 10 young bunnies head to the garden, each gathering colored vegetables and fruits in increasing amounts from 1 to 10.

Dirt Boy

Dirt Boy

By Erik Jon Slangerup

To avoid taking a bath, Fister Farnello runs away from home and is befriended by Dirt Man, a filthy giant who lives in the woods. Watercolor paintings are accompanied by hilarious text.


Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow

Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow

By Linda Glaser

What can you do to help the environment? Make less garbage. How can you do that? Compost! Composting is an easy way to turn food scraps and yard waste into rich, useful soil. Follow one family through the year as they tend to the compost bin in their backyard and use the newly created soil in their garden.

I Have A Garden

I Have a Garden

By Bob Barner

“I have a garden,” a frisky dog announces. In simple sentences the dog guides new readers through a bright and lush garden, which is home to a chipmunk, a bird, a bug, and all sorts of other creatures.


Garden Wigglers

Garden Wigglers

By Nancy Loewen

Describes the physical characteristics, life cycle, and behavior of earthworms.


Isabellas Garden

Isabella’s Garden

By Glenda Millard

In Isabella’s garden, amazing things come from the tiniest of seeds as they bloom and flourish and make way for a whole new season of growth. Told with great warmth and echoing favorite nursery rhymes.

Lets Look at a Garden

Let’s Look at a Garden

By Angela Royston

Search out fascinating clues about everyday materials! This series takes a unique look at items children may interact with regularly by uncovering what types of materials make up each item. Children are encouraged to interact in a hands-on manner with each of the materials in order to gain an understanding of what the material is and where it can be found.

Plant a Little Seed

Plant a Little Seed

By Bonnie Christensen

With a little help from a watering can, bright sunlight, and a lot of patience, two friends plant seeds in their community garden and watch how they grow. Slowly, the seeds turn into sprouts, which grow into stems, followed by leaves and buds! The garden will soon be teeming with life and ready for a harvest season celebration. But until then, the children water and wait and dream . . .

Seed Magic

Seed Magic

By Jane Buchanan

Rose and her brothers mock crazy old Birdman, who sits in his wheelchair all day feeding seeds to the pigeons. The birdman says pigeons are beautiful, but Rose dreams of gardens full of red and yellow and blue flowers, like the ones she sees in her library books. One day, Birdman fills Rose’s hands with slick, black seeds. He tells her they are magic – if she plants them outside her window they will grow a garden. Her brothers don’t believe, but Rose sets the seeds out and waits.


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