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Would you like to learn something new? Check out one of these DVDs found in the Great Courses series.

Basic Math

Basic Math teaches arithmetic and prepares students for Algebra I and beyond. The lessons cover the arithmetic of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, integers, exponents, square roots, and order of operations. Lessons on geometry, measurement, problem solving, probability, statistics, and pattern recognition prepare students for future mathematical studies.


Classical Archaeology of Ancient Greece and Rome

Classical archaeology, the excavation and analysis of ancient Greek and Roman sites, has been one of the leading branches of archaeology, pioneering its basic methods and major innovations. Dr. John R. Hale of the University of Louisville guides the listener through 18th-century excavations at Herculaneum and Pompeii, tours many important archaeological sites or discoveries, from the Bronze Age to late antiquity, and takes a thematic approach in exploring what archaeology has contributed to knowledge of ancient diet, entertainment, engineering, slavery, religion, the role of women, and other topics.


Dant’s Divine Comedy

Two gifted teachers share the fruit of two lifetimes’ worth of historical and literary expertise in this rewarding introduction to one of the greatest poems ever written. This course explores Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy (or Commedia) from both a historical and literary perspective. In this poetic narrative of his imaginary guided pilgrimage through the Christian afterlife, Dante creates an unforgettable gallery of characters and poetically explores a host of concerns both universal and particular, timely and timeless.


Great American Music: Broadway Musicals

In this course you get the story and the music. You hear examples expertly played by Professor Bill Messenger and rare recordings of groundbreaking artists, contemporary recreations of the sound of early musical theater, and recorded interviews that take you behind the scenes of some of Broadway’s biggest hits.



The History of Ancient Egypt

No civilization lasted so long (more than 3,000 years) as ancient Egypt. Its art and architecture remain touchstones of beauty and grandeur even today, up to five millennia after they were first brought into being. Egypt fascinates almost everyone; this course will fascinate you. Why? Egypt was the most advanced of ancient civilizations. Its accomplishments include monumental architecture, medical science, monotheism, and mummification. The art of ancient Egypt is among the most beautiful of all ages. Yet, even after deciphering the hieroglyphs, Egypt remains one of the most mysterious civilizations in history.


How the Earth Works

Course covers the making of our planet from the Big Bang, to the formation of the solar system, to the subsequent evolution of Earth. Travel to the center of our planet and out again, charting the geologic forces that churn beneath our feet to push the continents and seafloor.



The Human Body: How We Fail, How We Heal

In this video course, Dr. Anthony Goodman presents a systematic survey of what can go wrong in the human body, why it goes wrong and how the body itself responds, as well as what doctors can do to intervene.



The Vikings

As explorers and traders, the Vikings played a decisive role in the formation of Latin Christendom, and particularly of Western Europe. In this course the Vikings will be studied not only as warriors, but also in other roles for which they are equally extraordinary: merchants, artists, kings, raiders, seafarers, shipbuilders, and creators of a remarkable literature of myths and sagas.



Games People Play

Game theory-the scientific study of interactive, rational decision making-plays a crucial role in our lives. It provides startling insights into all endeavors in which humans cooperate or compere, including biology, computer science, politics, agriculture, and, most importantly, economics.



Lifelong Health: Achieving Optimum Well-being at Any Age

In this course, Dr. Anthony Goodman presents information on developing a personal path to lifelong health. Disc 1. A personal path to lifelong health, Disc 2. Optimizing health: prevention, Disc 3. The role of vitamins, Disc 4. Healthful eating versus fad diets, Disc 5. Joy in movement, Disc 6. Focus on menopause


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