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Featured: Audiobooks

Need a stress reliever? Try some laughter with one of these audiobooks.

Aged and Confused

Aged and Confused

by Bill Engvall

Contents: Aged and confused -= School bus kid — Clubbing at 50 —  Game night —  Bad turbulence —  Shark frenzy — Zip line —  Birthday suit — Pick my nose — Getting recognized — Colonoscopy

Andy and his grandmother

Andy and His Grandmother

by Andy Kaufman

Contents: Andy is making a record — Andy and his grandmother — Andy’s land live — Andy loves his tape recorder — Slice of life — Andy goes to the movies — Kick in the pants — Andy can talk to animals — I’m not capable of having a relationship — Hookers — Andy and his grandmother go for a drive — Sleep comedy — [HONK!] vs. [DOG] A — — [HONK!] vs. [DOG] B — Andy goes for a taxi ride — Andy’s English friend Paul — I want those tapes.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby: Far from Finished

by Bill Cosby

Contents: The girrrlfriend ; The wife ; The room my wife gave me ; She’s not your friend ; My code name ; GPS — Chocolate chip cookies ; You’re not rich ; I didn’t ask to be born ; Bernadette (bonus track) ; Otis (bonus track).

Its not me its you

It’s Not Me, It’s You

by George Lopez

Contents: Latinos work — Talking sh*t — Racist grandmother — Raising our kids — Trick or treating — Almost swimming — Baby proofing — Ethnic shopping — Intervention — Drunk wedding — I don’t snore! — Latino vote  — White house visit

Laughter Therapy

Laughter Therapy

by Peter Sagal

Looking for an alternative to the seriously reliable, soothing yet informative sound of NPR? Try NPR! Prepare to be surprised by this collection of unbelievable news, bloopers, and interviews with some of the funniest personalities on the planet. The time honored tradition of hoax stories that NPR airs every April 1st brings exploding maple trees in Maine, talking dogs in Ohio, farm raised whales in Illinois, and bubbling cheese springs in Wisconsin. National Public Radio presents encounters with funny personalities and memorable, unbelievable April Fool’s Day “news” segments from various NPR radio programs..

Mike and Mikes

Mike and Mike’s Rules for Sports and Life

by Mike Greenberg

The ESPN comedy team presents an offbeat list of sports rules to live by, in a treasury of provocative ideas and proclamations culled from their top-rated morning show.

My Weakness is Strong

My Weakness is Strong

by Patton Oswalt

Contents: Text — Birth — Fat — Treadmill — Whisky and Weed and L.S.D. — The Sad Boy — The Oswalt Family Crest — Rats — Orgy — Lofty Thoughts — First — Obama…and Time Travel…and Coolness…and the Last Racist — Demons — Sky Cake — Grocery Robots — Airplane — The Magician.

Old Jews Telling Jokes

O ld Jews Telling Jokes

by Sam Hoffman

Contents: disc 1 (59:27): Introduction — The Jewish mother — Who are the Jews? — Coming to America — Moving to the suburbs. disc 2 (55:25): The Rabbi — Food — Husband and wives — Sex.disc 3 (63:50): Oral sex — Illness and doctors — Getting old — Death — A joke about jokes.

Sh*t My Dad Says

Sh*t My Dad Says

by Justin Halpern

Tuesdays with Morrie meets F My Life in this hilarious coming-of-age book about a son’s relationship with his foul-mouthed father by the 29-year-old comedy writer who created the massively popular Twitter feed of the same name.

Tales From the Dad Side

Tales From The Dad Side

by Steve Doocy

Contents: Birth: dad on arrival — School: don’t eat the paste — Duty: young men in uniform — Trouble: fatherhood is hard, get a helmet — Legacy: should I follow, Tom or Dianne Sawyer? — Jobs: I was a teenage bread pirate — Dexterous dad: my father is Martha Stewart — Rivalry: never lick a steak knife — Sports: the coach bag — Work: take mom’s spy to work day — Male call: things only dad can teach a boy — My father: Jim Dandy –Humor: the joker gene — Independence: driving Miss Doocy — Sex: the birds, the bees & the rubber what? — Worry: don’t fall off the volcano — Booze: from tang to Tangueray — Role reversal: the parent trapped — Letting go: I can’t cut the cord — College: can we pay with bonus miles? — Pride: dad, stop pushing me around! — Emotion: daddy’s mascara is running — Landmarks: innings and outings of life — Road trip: what happens in Dublin, stays in Dublin — Loose ends: goodnight moon — The list: what every father must teach his child — Thank yous and shout outs.


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