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Dinosaur CountdownDinosaur Countdown

By Nicholas Oldland

Count down from ten striding velociraptors to a ferociously funny end in this counting book for dinosaur lovers of all ages!


Goldilocks and Just One BearGoldilocks and Just One Bear

By Leigh Hodgkinson

Little Bear, all grown up, finds himself lost in a noisy, busy city where he happens to bump into someone with golden hair who remembers exactly how he likes his porridge.


Grannys ClanGranny’s Clan: A Tale of Wild Orcas

By Sally Hodson

A 100 year-old orca whale named Granny leads a clan of orcas near the Pacific Northwest in hunting, teaching young whales, and establishing a friendship with humans.


I have a GardenI Have a Garden

By Bob Barner

Relates the wonderful things that can be found in a garden.



Im Not SleepyI’m Not Sleepy!

By Jane Chapman

It is bedtime but Mo, an owlet, is not at all sleepy, so Grandma suggests that he put her to bed instead.


Princess of 8th Street

The Princess of 8th Street

By Linas Alsenas

A shy little princess, on an outing with her mother, gets a royal treat when she makes a new friend.


Snow School

Snow School

By Sandra Markle

Twin snow leopard siblings survive their first year of life in Pakistan’s Hindu Kush mountains by learning critical skills from their mother, including how to hunt, where to find shelter, and to stay away from humans.


Tabby McTat The Musical Cat

Tabby McTat the Musical Cat

By Julia Donaldson

Fred the street musician and his cat are “purr-fectly” happy, singing together all day long, until Fred gives chase to a thief and the two become separated.



My First Day

My First Day

By Steve Jenkins

Explore some of the fascinating things that animals do on their first day.



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