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Check out one of these books about winter.

Bear has a Story to Tell

By Philip Stead

It was almost winter and Bear was getting sleepy. But first, Bear had a story to tell. By the time Bear was through helping his friends get ready for winter, would anyone still be awake to hear his story?

I See Winter

By Charles Ghigna

Snowflakes, sleds, and skates are just the beginning of the joys of winter.


Kitten’s Winter

By Eugenie Fernandes

A young kitten explores the woods on a cold winter day as other animals shelter from the weather or engage in their usual seasonal activities.


No Two Alike

By Keith Baker

Are two snowflakes just alike? Almost, almost–but not quite. Join a pair of curious birds as they explore how everything, everywhere is unique–from leaves and trees to forest friends of all shapes and sizes.

Peter and the Winter Sleepers

By Rick de Haas

Peter lives in a lighthouse with his grandmother and dog, Leo. After a giant blizzard, the lighthouse turns into shelter for the birds and bunnies, who just want to sleep through the winter. But should he let the fox in to sleep, too?

Quiet Bunny & Noisy Puppy

By Lisa McCue

Snow is falling, and Quiet Bunny’s friends are settling in for winter. Who will play with Quiet Bunny? Along comes a very NOISY puppy, all ready to romp in the snow. Can Quiet Bunny be friends with someone so different?

Snowboy 1,2,3

By Joe Wahman

One snowboy all alone . . . . . . but he’s not alone for long! Join this cheerful snowman for a wintertime counting romp, complete with a whole host of animal friends. Playful rhythms and exuberant illustrations come together to celebrate the wonder of winter.

Snowmen at Work

By Caralyn Buehner

When winter sidewalks seem to have been mysteriously shoveled, a child wonders if snowmen are magic and have nighttime jobs while the people sleep. Includes hidden pictures.



By Judy Sierra

Winter weather is keeping children from visiting the zoo. So the animals are out of sorts–listless, grumpy, and no longer fun. All except two little friends, a very small hippo and a baby kangaroo. Their hip-hopping, toe-tapping, and rap-rocking soon has the other animals joining in the hip-aroo beat.








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