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War Stories

Celebrate members of the armed forces; listen to these descriptions of war, survival and heroism.

Flower Gardening

If you are new to gardening or experienced – these books will help and inspire you to grow beautiful flowers!

Teen Series Farewells

What will you read now that these popular series are ending?

Iowa Children’s Choice Nominees

Here are the Iowa Children’s Choice Award Nominees for 2016-2017.

Science Fiction TV Series

Have a science fiction festival! Pick up one of these TV series at the library.

Historical Fiction

Are you a history buff? Try listening to one of these novels with historical references and themes. Historical fiction is defined as movies and novels in which a story is made up but is set in the past and sometimes borrows true characteristics of the time period in which it is set.

Home Improvement Projects

Spring is here and it is a perfect time to start those home improvement projects. Here are some books that will give you guidance and possibly ideas for projects: