Public Internet

The Urbandale Public Library offers wireless and plug-in connections to the library’s Internet service. Direct plug-in ports are available in designated areas.

Internet Disclaimer

  • The Library does not use filtering software, adhering to the principle of free expression established by the First Amendment to the Constitution.
  • The Library cannot control or monitor the vast amount of material available through the Internet and is not responsible for its content. It is the responsibility of each individual to evaluate the accuracy, currency, completeness, validity, and appropriateness of material accessed.
  • The Library is not responsible for enforcing any restrictions which a parent or guardian may place on their child’s use of this resource.
  • The Library is not liable for any damage, cost, liability, or personal harm that may occur from use of the Library’s Internet connection.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for the security and privacy of Internet transactions or activities.
  • The Library serves as an Internet access point, not an Internet service provider and does not guarantee a connection to the Internet or a specific site.
  • Although virus detection software is installed on Library computers, there is no guarantee that saved or downloaded content will be virus free.
  • Staff will be the primary judge of what is inappropriate. The authority to determine what is illegal rests with the Polk County Attorney or the Iowa Attorney General.

All other applicable rules from the Computer Use policy also apply.

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